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Vivien Leigh

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Matthew goode plays a silly irishman in Leap year(2010)

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He doesn’t love you. He wants to be alone again with her”, Rebecca (1940)

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Said Slytherin, “We’ll teach just those

whose ancestry is purest.”

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Ain’t Them Bodies Saints (2013)

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laistemoonwhite asked: If you get this in your ask box then you must say 5 good things about yourself and pass this on to 10 of your favorite followers 。◕‿◕。

Awww thank you!

Enjoy helping others or at least positively ready to.

Can be the smartest person in the room (though i’d rarely admit it). Oh Lord. That’s really awkward. Also love the fact how i’m prepared to lead if no one else seems up to.

Dedicated and passionate. 

Finally finished that Eyeless in Gaza book. Ugh. Our story is epic.

I guess I’m okay in writing things (at least I like how it’s going for my dearest Book Magazine Russia).

pssst my English is bad, sorry.

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Just watched again this gorgeous, under-appreciated film about an estranged marriage, a cholera epidemic, and white people in China.

Or, as Chuan pointedly asked — ‘Where are all the Chinese people?’ Here, unfortunately, they rarely rise to more than warlords or peasants, rural doctors, coolies, orphans, the unnamed dead.

But even still, there is a terrible lot to like about this story.

Walter and Kitty Fane, dreadfully unsuited for each other, marry suddenly and then have to figure out how to love one another. Then follow a cruelly punished affair, a journey deep into the heart of a cholera epidemic of rural China, and finally the redemption of reconciliation.

And while the film is too beautiful to believe at times (and the music! use of Satie!), I am equally struck by the subtle yet masterful story-telling of the book, which fills in all these stunning details about the characters, their motives, and their responses to one another. I have been completely taken in by this story this weekend.

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can we talk about sebastian stan’s legs for a moment?

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Veronica Mars (2014): Favourite Scenes [1 of ?] [x]

Veronica, Piz, Wallace & Mac dancing.

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